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Advancing Themes

Advancing Microfinance and Water Conservation Themes

Water and Microfinance have emerged as the vital hub of development interventions across the country. Many empirical evidences have clearly shown how water and microfinance have worked wonders with lives of the poor. The symposium will have simultaneous conventions and conferences on water and microfinance. The seminar on water will bring out the contemporary issues with regard to conservation and development of small scale water bodies. Climatic change with particular reference to Rainfed farming will be the central focus.

The symposium will focus on microfinance as an instrument of addressing causes of poverty and its impact affecting various development issues. Many impact studies clearly point to the effectiveness of microfinance in promoting health, agriculture, livestock development and so on. Further, the instrument of microfinance is building people institutions in the local context providing greater impetus to revitalizing and energizing the local economy and also enhances people's assertiveness in its interface with the panchayat and other local bodies. The interrelatedness of Microfinance with other social and livelihoods sectors, emerging ideas of remittance, micro leasing / micro franchising and financial inclusion in the field of microfinance would also be deliberated upon.

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