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Madurai Symposium 2003

Come March 2003, Madurai - the Temple City of Tamil Nadu would welcome all stakeholders of development, Community Institutions, Civil Societies, Government, NGOs, Financial Institutions, academic working in the development sector to celebrate multi-faceted development initiatives and innovations. This is a part of the celebrations of FORD Foundation’s five decades of work in INDIA.

The developmental action is increasingly witnessing a great deal of local initiatives and community action / involvement. There have been many significant achievements worth mention. In shaping the future agenda, it is very vital to promote better understanding of evolving needs, identifying development issues and to set priorities in various parts of India. The City of Madurai will host a Symposium on development interventions for South India.
DHAN Foundation is privileged to play host to this important regional event which is a culmination of a train of events-millennium lecture by the President of FORD Foundation, Ms Susan Bresford at Chennai, folk festivals, dialogue with women leaders started off in 2002 followed by fishermen festival, Roadshows etc in 2003 as a part of the FORD Foundation’s Fiftieth Anniversary Celebrations.

The Symposium would highlight the significant achievements and seminal contributions of women’s organisations working in micro finance, NGOs working in rural development and other development innovation initiated in South India. The Symposium will showcase the achievements of women’s organisations, banking institutions in South India through series of conventions, conferences, conclaves, seminars and rallies
From March 7th - 11th, 2003 women from various federations, non-government organizations involved in Rural Development, various civil society groups and bankers will participate and discuss about their contributions to Rural development, pressing problems of the sector and issues for a faster growth and development of rural areas. A spectrum of activities is scheduled as part of the symposium.

Festivities include world Women’s day rallies, cultural shows involving the tradition and modern performing arts, posters sessions and exhibition of crafts from various locations / groups from South India.

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